10 Creative DIY Kids Crafts to Keep Them Busy This Summer

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Summer is here, and kids are ready for some fun! If you’re looking for some creative ways to keep your little ones entertained and engaged, why not try some DIY kids crafts? Not only are these projects great for keeping kids busy, but they also encourage creativity and imagination. Here are 10 fun and easy DIY kids crafts to try this summer:

1. Tissue Paper Sun Catchers
Let your child’s artistic side shine with this colorful craft. Simply cut out a large sun shape from cardboard and cover it with clear contact paper. Then, have your child tear pieces of colored tissue paper and stick them onto the contact paper to create a vibrant sun catcher. Hang it in a window to catch the sunlight and create a beautiful display.

2. Painted Rock Pets
Get the whole family involved in this fun project by collecting rocks and painting them to look like pets. Your child can use acrylic paint to add details like eyes, mouths, and fur to create their own unique rock pet. Once the paint has dried, they can display their new furry friends in the garden or on a shelf.

3. DIY Musical Instruments
Bring out the inner musician in your child by helping them make their own musical instruments. Use household items like empty cans, rice-filled bottles, and rubber bands to create drums, maracas, and guitars. Encourage your child to decorate their instruments with stickers, paint, or markers to make them truly one-of-a-kind.

4. Nature Collage
Take a walk outside and gather items like leaves, flowers, and twigs to create a nature collage. Provide your child with a piece of paper or cardboard as a base, and let them arrange their natural treasures into a beautiful work of art. You can even add a layer of Mod Podge to preserve their creation for years to come.

5. Cardboard Box Creations
Kids love playing with cardboard boxes, so why not turn them into a fun craft project? Provide your child with a variety of boxes, tape, and markers, and let them use their imagination to create anything from a robot to a playhouse. This open-ended craft allows kids to explore their creativity and problem-solving skills.

6. DIY Tie-Dye T-Shirts
Add a pop of color to your child’s summer wardrobe with DIY tie-dye t-shirts. All you need is a plain white t-shirt, fabric dye, rubber bands, and some creativity. Have your child twist and fold the shirt, secure it with rubber bands, and apply the dye according to the package instructions. After the dye has set, rinse out the excess color and reveal a vibrant, custom-designed t-shirt.

7. Paper Plate Masks
Let your child’s imagination run wild with this fun and easy craft. Provide them with paper plates, markers, paint, and craft supplies like feathers and stickers to create their own masks. Whether they want to be a superhero, an animal, or a mythical creature, paper plate masks are sure to spark hours of imaginative play.

8. Popsicle Stick Picture Frames
Help your child showcase their favorite summer memories by making popsicle stick picture frames. Simply glue popsicle sticks together to create a frame shape, and let your child paint or decorate it however they like. Once the frame is dry, they can add a photo and display their masterpiece on a shelf or desk.

9. DIY Bird Feeders
Get up close and personal with nature by making DIY bird feeders with your child. Use items like pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed to create a tasty treat for the local birds. Hang the feeders outside a window and watch as colorful birds visit for a snack, providing endless entertainment for your child.

10. Paper Bag Puppets
Encourage your child’s storytelling skills with paper bag puppets. Have them decorate paper bags with markers, googly eyes, and yarn to create characters like animals, monsters, or people. Then, let them put on a puppet show for family and friends, allowing them to express their creativity and perform in front of an audience.

In conclusion, DIY kids crafts are a great way to keep your little ones engaged and entertained this summer. From colorful sun catchers to imaginative paper bag puppets, these projects offer hours of fun and creativity for kids of all ages. So gather your supplies, get crafting, and watch as your child’s creativity soars this summer!


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